Angel supports small farmers fighting regulatory overreach by government. Local, state, and national regulatory agricultural agencies often try to impose the same standards on both large and small producers - something that legislators often support due to big donations from Big Ag, who want to eliminate competition from small farms. Different size operations require different safety regulations. Small farms keep our food sources diversified, provide expanded consumer choice, and keep money in their communities. Angel buys from local farmers whenever she can, and she hopes you do too.




Inequality is one of those things that we can all agree is bad, and we all feel that we recognize when we see it.  It can be messy when you get down into the details, though – especially when drafting and enacting legislation.  Angel is willing to wade into the mess and do the work towards forming a more perfect union – to draft and vote for laws that provide for greater equality, and following through in monitoring the implementation and results.  Here's a thought-provoking article on inequality by Joshua Rothman.



There are a lot of reasons for increasing the minimum wage, but here's another one - it reduces suicide. Angel has worked in low-wage and minimum wage jobs, and she knows what it's like to live paycheck-to-paycheck. She knows that the financial stress never goes away, and it takes a toll on every aspect of one's life.  She therefore supports a living wage law - with annual increases to keep pace with inflation and other key factors - to help keep Illinois citizens prosperous and healthy.





Angel supports the Fair Tax. 




The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.




Here's a fabulous tweet thread by historian Keri Leigh Merritt on Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight for economic justice.

"No voting on who gets to be people."

- Nora K. Jemisin

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